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Main Services

Pump & Electric Motor Repair & Installation

We take malfunctioning or broken pumps and motors and fix them up to be put back to work. We perform installations for these machines as well. 

Other Machine repair

We are capable of repairing rigid heavy duty tools, pipe threaders, sewer cleaners, generators, air compressors, and more.

New/Rebuilt Sales

Any pump, electric motor, generator, tool, or other similar machine can be sold new or as a part rebuilt by us. 

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Additional Services


We employ certified welders with experience for all types of jobs.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our affiliate company, South Industrial Sheet Metal, has access to plasma cutters, press breaks, rollers, shears, dies, and more. For more on sheet metal fabrication, click Here. 

HVAC & Residential/Commercial Plumbing

For HVAC and smaller plumbing work, consider our affiliate company Systems 4. Find out more Here.

Industrial & Commerical Plumbing

Superior Plumbing is the parent company of Superior Pump & Electric Motor, and provides commercial and industrial plumbing services. Find out more Here. 

Directional Drilling

Our affiliate company, Boretec, performs underground directional boring. Find out more Here.  

Family of Services

Commercial and industrial plumbing services. 

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Residential and commercial  HVAC and plumbing service, as well as industrial HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair. 

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Underground utility installation through traditional trenching as well as underground directional boring.
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Heavy duty sheet metal fabrication and welding services.  

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